“Leadership, knowledge, motivation, confidence, and most of all warmth and love, drove Erin to our number one yoga instructor.  She is a constant learner bringing in new ideas and techniques, never making for a boring week, always pushing us to levels we never knew we had it in us to achieve.”

Katina Toscas-Atz


“In my 20 years of practicing yoga, my favorite guide of this entire time
has been Erin.  Her sequences have such variety and flow that I have never
been bored and always challenged.  Her enthusiasm and caring show through
each class and instilled in me a renewal of love for the practice of yoga.
She took over several years ago as the “Power yoga” instructor here at my
local center after a series of mediocre instructors.  The class size had
dwindled down to only a small group of hopeful souls.  As word of a new and
better instructor spread throughout the center, I returned to this class and
was very pleasantly surprised and relieved to find we had struck gold.  When
we were faced with the fact her family was to be relocated elsewhere, we
were dismayed to hear it.  The class had grown to a full room of loyal and
dedicated group.  We still want her to come back, but if she can’t,
we wish her the very best and hope we will somehow find someone who will
challenge us as she has.”



“A few years ago I was out of shape and overweight.  After working out for seven months to lose 60 lbs, I began looking for other exercises/activities I could do to remain in shape — A number of people recommended I try Yoga.  In March 2013 I began attending the Power Yoga class that Erin taught M, W & F at the local Y.   After a few sessions I realized that Yoga was exactly what I needed.

I hired Erin for several one-on-one sessions where she taught me the basics of Yoga to help me get started.  And that was also…  exactly what I needed.  Within a few months of group classes 3 days a week I began to notice the positive impact Erin’s classes were making on me.  I was toning myself head to toe and… I was feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally.  The sense of Balance and Confidence that comes from practicing Yoga with Erin on a regular basis helps make life overall…  Better!

Erin is a wonderful Yoga Instructor who knows exactly how hard to push you, how and when to assist you, and… she knows when to step back and let you accomplish poses & balances on your own.  Practicing with Erin for a year and a half has made such a positive difference in my life…  Allow Erin & Yoga into your life and you will see and feel the rewards!”

Peter Testimonial


Real Food Guidance

I came to Erin with a very long list of food intolerances and a very unhappy digestive system. What she offered was a very simple, concise plan of elimination that included foods and things I’d not even thought could be causing issues (but without bombarding me with information, I really appreciated that!), ideas for foods I could try to get me through that elimination phase (her blog is choc full of fantastic recipes!!), and then a plan for eventually trying to slowly reintroduce possible trigger foods to see what was actually causing the issues.

This isn’t a strict menu plan diet kind of deal where someone is berating you for going off track, this is all about self care with wonderful support, empowerment, and knowledge from a kind, caring, wise, and nurturing lady who genuinely wants to help people be healthy, happy, and to know all about real food.

Via email (I’m in the UK) we kept a weekly dialogue of my ups and downs, tweaking as we went. I kept a food log to track my progress. Anything Erin wasn’t sure about she researched and encouraged me to research too, so I’ve learnt so much more about my body and how to care for it properly under her gentle loving guidance. Because of her approach I felt safe and reassured that she really cared, saw me as an individual and she wasn’t just spouting stuff from a text book. She has first hand knowledge of food intolerances and dealing with them plus her nutritional therapist training – she really knows her stuff! The fact that we were tailoring this to my body really made me feel positive and want to keep going even on bad days (Erin is so attentive, thorough, and encouraging and so easy to chat with) and I could see improvements almost immediately. 

After 4 months I’ve pinpointed all my trigger foods and eliminated them all successfully. Amazingly I lost some weight (that wasn’t my goal but it’s a happy side effect!) and a lot of bloating, but most importantly my digestion is vastly improved and I feel stronger and much more aware of my body and how it works. I also know how to fuel myself properly now.

Erin’s a wonderful person to have guide you through your nutritional journey and I couldn’t recommend her more highly to anyone willing to put in the leg work to get their diet needs sorted.

Thank you so much Erin!

-Nikki Perry