May Journal Course Announcement

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Hello all! I know it’s unusual to hear from me so much, but I’ve got a special announcement for you. Last year I ran 2 separate journal courses at different parts of the year. The first was called Experiencing Our Inner Critic, and the second was Cultivating Self Love. I’ve decided to run these courses […]

A Meditation on (Chronic) Pain

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Normally, we do everything we can to avoid pain, but today I’m asking you to get curious about your pain. This meditation is for anyone suffering with chronic pain, or if you have an injury that you’re working with. After the meditation, I encourage you to take a few minutes to jot down your experience […]

A Meditation for Making Space

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Release that shit you’ve been carrying that’s been dragging you down and replace it with something positive you’ve been wanting in your life….That’s today’s meditation in a nutshell ­čÖé I did this meditation for my students a few weeks ago and it was a big hit so I decided to add it here too. I […]

Cultivating Self Love, A Journal Course

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Hello all! I’m so excited and pleased to share more details about my newest journal course,┬áCultivating Self Love.┬áMany of you participated in my previous course,┬áExperiencing Our Inner Critic.┬áThis course will be similar in style and delivery, but will have more content. I’ve also reviewed all the feedback I received from the previous course and have […]

A Meditation for Sleep

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Hi Friends. This meditation has been on my mind for about a month now. Sleep is so incredibly important to all aspects of our health and I know when I don’t sleep well, I am not a nice human being. I’m one of those people who needs at least 8 hours of sleep per night […]

Energetic Protection for Highly Sensitive People & Empaths – Part 2

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Welcome back! If you missed part 1 of this two-part series please click here to be taken to last week’s blog post.   Let’s dive right in where I left off last week….

Energetic Protection for Highly Sensitive People & Empaths – Part 1

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It has come to my attention over the past few weeks that I have really drawn some sensitive people into my life. Not surprising really, since I’m very sensitive myself and used to struggle A LOT with picking up other people’s energies. This is something that I think a lot of introvert’s struggle with daily, […]