Trigger Foods

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Hi Friends! Sorry for the delayed post. I’ve been busy with work, school, and mom life. Last week we had our level 2 science final and I got a 93/100! Woo! I’m so glad that’s over with. In fact, Monday the 24th marks the first day of level 3 of my massage therapy program and […]

Spiced Chickpea Burgers

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You guys. These chickpea burgers are a year in the making – seriously. I first tried this recipe a year ago and have come back to it only a handful of times since then. I blame a broken hand, our across-the-Pacific-Ocean move, and LIFE for not sharing it before now. I actually perfected this recipe […]

A Return to Home Cooking: Tomato Sauce

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Hello everyone and Happy Spring! I swear each year flies by faster and faster. Is it just me, or do you feel that way too? Easter is on Sunday and I haven’t started finished shopping for my daughter’s Easter basket yet! I don’t usually buy much. Some organic dairy free chocolate and maybe some Annie’s organic […]

A Return to Home Cooking: Casseroles & Stews – Substitutions for Condensed Soups

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Ahhh, the ole’ Campbell’s “Cream of” soups. So handy, so simple, so cheap, so bad for us! I used to love those little cans. It made making casseroles so easy and relatively quick. I never once thought about what was in them or bothered to read one of the labels. Cream of mushroom was my […]

A Return to Home Cooking: Dried Beans

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I used to hate beans. They were flavorless, overpriced, and made me gassy. That was in college. Now, I know better. Beans (and veggies) are actually the foundation of my diet! I eat some kind of beans every day. Beans are super high in fiber, a great source of protein, and are also high in […]

Natural, Organic, & Non-GMO

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Natural.  Organic.  Non-GMO.  Do you know the difference? I know these terms can be really confusing to people new to the foodie scene. I’ve read several articles stating that, when polled, most consumers thought “natural” was the same thing as organic, if not better. *insert shock horror face à la Edvard Munch here*

Making the Switch to Real Food

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Do you want to eat cleaner, feel better, and be healthier, but have no idea where to start? Do you feel completely overwhelmed by too much information and confused about terms like natural, organic, and non-GMO? No worries! All month long I’m here to share introductory techniques for cooking Real Food and getting away from convenience […]