Asana for Energy & Confidence

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Hello again! Can you believe we’re less than 1 week away from June? My kid is graduating from preschool tomorrow! Ack! Time really does fly when you’re a parent. Anyway, I digress. I’m still sharing yoga for anxiety and sadness this week and next week so on to that topic. If you’ve missed my last […]

Knee Friendly Glute Exercises

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How are your knees? At the rife ole’ age of 31, my knees aren’t quite what they used to be. A little over a year ago I took what I thought was a fairly benign misstep in some 5″ heels. It was date night and I hadn’t worn heels in ages. I thought I would […]

Sweaty Plank Fun – Intermediate Core #2

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Get ready to sweat! I did filming this for you guys. 😉 Today we’ll be working on our core (obviously) with the added bonus of upper body work. Lots of plank: high plank, forearm plank, and side plank. I do offer modifications throughout. Remember, this is a great addition to your regular yoga practice. Even […]

Boat Pose & Hip Flexor Burn Out Fun – Intermediate Core #1

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Hey guys! Did you get a chance to watch and/or exercise along with me in the Beginner Core videos (1 and 2)? They make a great warm up to a practice if you’re a bit more advanced. Today I’m so excited to share my first Intermediate Core video. This video’s focus is on hip flexors […]

Building Body Awareness & Strength – Beginner Core #2

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Hi all! I hope you enjoyed the first beginner core video. This is the second of two. In this video we focus on hip flexor activation/strength and back strength. If you have lower back issues or have had surgery, please consult a qualified healthcare professional before beginning an exercise program. Also, if you are postpartum […]

Beginner Core Video #1

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Hi everyone! I’m super stoked to share all these core workout videos with you this month. I love core work! If you haven’t yet, please check out The Importance of Core post from Tuesday. In that post I explain why core work is important and a tiny bit of anatomy. This first video is for […]

The Importance of Core

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What do you think of when you hear the words core work? Crunches? Sit-ups? 6 pack abs? When I hear the words core work I think “yes!”. Having a strong core is essential if you want to advance into more difficult asanas and, I believe, even more important to being safe in your own body.