May Journal Course Announcement

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Hello all! I know it’s unusual to hear from me so much, but I’ve got a special announcement for you. Last year I ran 2 separate journal courses at different parts of the year. The first was called Experiencing Our Inner Critic, and the second was Cultivating Self Love. I’ve decided to run these courses […]

Feel the Way Ahead

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Does anyone else feel like this whole New Years thing is a bit of sham? Every year I feel slightly grinchy, but each year it makes less and less sense to me. January is still smack in the middle of winter, yet we’re told we need to make resolutions and change and plan for the […]

Truth Telling: A Year in Paradise

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Have you ever lived somewhere that didn’t feel like home? I don’t mean a condo, apartment, or house, but a state or part of the world? I have. I am right now. 

Reminder: Cultivating Self Love

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Hi everyone! Just a quick reminder that registration for my newest journal course, Cultivating Self Love, closes in 1 week from today! If you’re even the slightest bit interested I encourage you to sign up. There are no strings, and it is 100% free. Even if you feel that you won’t have time to journal everyday […]

Cultivating Self Love, A Journal Course

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Hello all! I’m so excited and pleased to share more details about my newest journal course, Cultivating Self Love. Many of you participated in my previous course, Experiencing Our Inner Critic. This course will be similar in style and delivery, but will have more content. I’ve also reviewed all the feedback I received from the previous course and have […]

10 Ideas for Self Care

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  Hey guys! How are you? I’m going to be 100% honest and say that I’ve been swamped. My husband has been gone the entire month and I’ve been tired pretty much the whole time he’s been gone. MAJOR props to single parents who work full time or work full time and go to school […]

Energetic Protection for Highly Sensitive People & Empaths – Part 2

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Welcome back! If you missed part 1 of this two-part series please click here to be taken to last week’s blog post.   Let’s dive right in where I left off last week….