May Journal Course Announcement

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Hello all! I know it’s unusual to hear from me so much, but I’ve got a special announcement for you.

Last year I ran 2 separate journal courses at different parts of the year. The first was called Experiencing Our Inner Critic, and the second was Cultivating Self Love.

I’ve decided to run these courses again, but back to back. We begin on Monday, May 1st, and I’d love to have you join us!

Below you’ll find a breakdown of each course, with links back to the original blog posts that include more in depth information. If these courses sound even remotely interesting to you, I encourage you to sign up! This is the last time I’ll be running them for free. After May they’ll only be available for purchase in my Etsy shop (more on that soon!).

Experiencing Our Inner Critic

What is our Inner Critic?

Some would say, “who is” our Inner Critic, but rather than giving it this personalization I’ll be sticking with “what”. So, what is it? It is a part of us. More to the point, a part of our ego. This part likes to keep us safe. Safe, not in the literal sense, but more in an ideological & emotional sense. This part of us tells us we aren’t enough, we should do better, we’re too fat/skinny/tall/short/white/black/freckled/smart/stupid/funny/boring, etc. You get the idea. Why does it tell us this? An old evolutionary trick that is meant to keep us accepted by the herd and therefore ensure our safety.

But, as you know, we are no longer living in nomadic societies and being chased by predators. We no longer need the physical protection of our tribe.

How to Identify our Inner Critic

Many of us listen to our inner dialogue (sometimes taking the shape of our Inner Critic) all day long and assume that this dialogue is “us” and cannot be controlled or changed in any way. This is our ego mind.

This is not “us”, not the true Us anyway. Our True Self is a part of our soul. A part untouched, unsullied by the ego and all of it’s manipulations. You may have already had an experience with this part of yourself and not even known it.

Any time you find yourself making the same judgments about yourself or others again and again, this is your Inner Critic. Any time you find yourself engaged in negative self-talk, this is your Inner Critic. Any time you find yourself cursing under your breath (or out loud) about someone, including yourself, this is your Inner Critic. Any time you are engaged in negative thoughts/feelings/words/behavior, this is your Inner Critic….

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This part of the course aims to first help you identify and separate from your repetitive thoughts, especially the negative ones, and then embrace this less than shiny part of yourself so that it may be integrated into your glorious, complete being. This will also enable us to also embrace this not so shiny aspect in others, thus allowing us to be more compassionate and accepting of ourselves and others.

Cultivating Self Love

Why Self Love?

To me the most obvious answer to this question is to be happier. Why wouldn’t we want to be happier? If anything, I feel that the only reason we would choose to be unhappy is that it is comfortable and familiar. This may seem counter-intuitive, but hear me out. Let’s say that for years you drove the same way to work. It was predictable, traffic was light, there were no school zones to have to slow down for, and it was the fastest and easiest way to get to work. One day on your drive you notice a sign that tells you they will be replacing water pipes starting next week, and this will last for 8 weeks and there would be lane closures. The sign also encourages you to take an alternate route. At this point you know that this route will no longer be the fastest or easiest way to get to work. Not only that, but traffic will be thicker, the road will be torn up, and your “easy” way to work will no longer be the least stressful route. What do you do?

The people that fear change will stick with this route even if they have to leave 15-30 minutes earlier than normal because of traffic. Those people may or may not allow themselves to get upset at other drivers or the situation that is totally out of their control. Why would these people do this, even though it is causing them avoidable distress? Because it’s comfortable and familiar. 

Just as we get comfortable with roads, jobs, friends, favorite cafes, etc. we get comfortable in our regular mental states. Even if those mental states are obviously causing us harm, sometimes it can be more comfortable to stick with them. It is a natural human trait to fear the unknown, even if what we do know isn’t ideal.

Self love, and self acceptance, give us the power and confidence to move beyond what is comfortable/familiar, especially when we know that those thoughts/feelings/situations are not in our best interest….

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This part of the course aims to cultivate acceptance of ourselves just as we are, which then allows us to accept others just as they are. It allows us to be with others in the present moment, which is perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can give to a fellow human being.

Course Breakdown

  • The course runs from Monday May 1st to Saturday May 27th.
  • Each day Monday through Friday, you’ll receive an email from me with journal suggestions, examples, and encouragement.
  • The first 2 Saturdays will include an email with links to exclusive guided meditations that can be listened to online via Sound Cloud, without downloading anything.
  • The second 2 Saturdays will include emails with suggestions for self care, a detox bath recipe, and some adult coloring pages.
  • Along with the emails, you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, read past discussions, and view a list of books I recommend on these topics and spirituality in general. The group is very small, quiet, and not intimidating in the least. If Facebook isn’t your thing, I totally understand! You do not have to have Facebook to participate.
  • Sundays will be rest days. You will not receive any emails from me on those days.

Course registration closes on Friday April 28th.

If you know someone who would be interested in this type of work, please forward them a link to this post! I’m not selling anything or asking you to buy anything. It is simply my desire that we all live happier, healthier lives so that we may each have positive impact on our world. We must first heal ourselves before we can begin to heal our world.

You can email me at if you have any questions, otherwise, use the form below to sign up and you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to the Facebook group next week. ♥

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