A Meditation on (Chronic) Pain

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Normally, we do everything we can to avoid pain, but today I’m asking you to get curious about your pain.

This meditation is for anyone suffering with chronic pain, or if you have an injury that you’re working with.

After the meditation, I encourage you to take a few minutes to jot down your experience with this meditation, specifically what your pain was like. Often, we can change the quality of our pain simply by observing it. Instead off sharp and shooting, it may become dull or soften a bit. You may even notice that the pain moves from it’s usual spot.

Other factors to consider would be, what time of day does the pain occur? Does it happen more frequently after certain activities? If so, can you change your posture, activity, or body mechanics? So much of our everyday pain is due to poor posture, poor ergonomics when working (especially at a desk), or simply our food & beverage choices.

Again, get curious.

The more questions we ask, the more information we become open to receiving.

Lastly, don’t judge. Don’t judge yourself or your pain. Be with it, observe it, release it, be open to healing. Our body’s innate instinct is to heal, we must just be ready, willing, and able to open the pathways to it.

Be well, friends. ♥

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