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Hey Friends! I’m currently plugging on with life, my new journal course (more on that later!), and school and am giving myself a much deserved break! 

For today I’m reblogging my post Bug Bite Relief Oil for you guys. Since we are in the midst of summer I thought this was a perfect post to share again. My daughter and I LOVE this oil. It works better than Benadryl, IMO. Not only that, it’s kid safe too! I started using this on my daughter when she was 3 years old. It’s gentle, yet effective. I hope you and your family love it as much as we do. Have a great rest of your week! 


Update 11/23/15: Since we’ve moved to HI I’ve been getting mosquito bites very frequently. Not only does this stuff stop the itching, but the bites actually shrink more quickly when compared to using nothing AND when using the commercial Benadryl Itch Stick. The strength as described below is perfect for adults as well. 

Summer is almost here! For a lot of us in North America it feels like summer arrived a few weeks ago. Even here in the PNW it has been unseasonably warm and sunny…not that I’m complaining!! We’ve been able to spend more time outside and wear less clothes – very exciting! Carrying around jackets, gloves, and hats for not only you, but your little one gets pretty old. Especially when the first 20+ years of your life were spent wearing flip flops year round. Florida FTW! 😉 

Anyway, summer doesn’t just mean more time outside, sunshine, and fresh fruit. It also means bugs. Lots of them, depending on where you are. The amount of bugs here in WA state don’t even come remotely close to the amount of bugs I grew up with in Florida (year round!), but they are still bothersome when you get bitten.

Mosquitos love me. You know how some people are just bitten more than others, well that’s me. And I think my daughter may be one of those people as well. She has already had her fair share of bug bites this season. Mosquito bites, if I’m not mistaken.

We were out running errands one day and she starts complaining about her leg itching. Sure enough, mosquito bites. I stopped at our local supplement store to see if they had some type of natural bug bite relief cream and they did – for $10!! I don’t know about you, but holy shit crap, that is too much money! I googled essential oils for bug bites and low and behold I already had a bunch of them. I saved my $10+ and went home and whipped up this recipe. She was skeptical at first, but now she asks for it anytime she gets bitten.


  • 1 tsp Olive Oil (or sweet almond or avocado or whatever you have on hand as long as it is liquid at room temperature.)
  • Eucalyptus E.O.
  • Tea Tree E.O.
  • Rosemary E.O.
  • Lavender E.O.
  • A small container, preferably one that has a dropper, or one that the opening is small enough to be covered by your finger for easy application.


  • Put 4 drops of each essential oil into bottle
  • Add 1 tsp of chosen oil
  • Shake and apply!
  • Double the recipe if you have a big family and a bottle big enough to hold it.

So easy and cheap if you already have the oils. I had a leftover bottle that had elderberry glycerite in it and I used that for the oil. If you don’t have all the oils listed, that’s ok. Here is the page where I got the oil suggestions from. The tea tree and eucalyptus are the most effective, I think. If you only have those two, give it a go and see how it works.

I also tested this oil on the inside of my elbow to make sure it wouldn’t burn my skin. This recipe is safe for kids. I’ve been using it on my 4 year old daughter without any problems.

A few things to remember when working with essential oils….

  • do NOT apply undiluted E.O. to your skin, it can and most likely will, burn you. This is especially important for children. 
  • Always use a carrier oil to dilute (such as olive, sweet almond, apricot, etc.)
  • Do not take internally. The idea of “therapeutic grade” essential oils is NOT an industry standard. There are some companies that produce what they consider to be therapeutic grade EO and safe for internal consumption, but at present there is no third party testing and no industry standard to hold all EO makers accountable. (Source)


♥Happy Summer!!♥

*This post contains affiliate links to the NOW brand essential oils, which I use and love. This post is not sponsored by NOW, I’m just sharing what I use and enjoy!

That’s all for this week! Hope to see you back next week or say hello over on Insta!

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