A Meditation on Noticing

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Hey guys! I’m going to be honest and say I’ve had a really hard time settling down on what to share this week. I have two finals next week for my massage program and my right thumb/wrist have become very inflamed from overuse. I actually have it wrapped right now, which is making it more difficult to type than I initially anticipated. With that being said, I’ve decided to share a meditation with you today. Talking > Typing currently. 😉

A Meditation on Noticing

The meditation I have for you all today is about 12 minutes long and I guide you through noticing how your body is feeling today. I tell my students all the time that we spend all day walking around in our bodies, but we rarely know what’s going on with them. Not only do we not have a good sense of what’s going on, we routinely ignore them or tell them not right now.

How often do you “hold it” when you need to use the restroom? How often do you have another cup of coffee instead of taking a nap or just getting away from screens to go outside to refresh your mind and eyes? How often do we wait to eat even though we’ve been hungry for awhile? What I’m getting at is, we often only acknowledge our bodies when we are over-tired or sick. BUT, if we were take more time to notice the messages the body is sending to us, we can better react to sickness and injury, thus getting out ahead of things and treating ourselves with the love, care, and compassion we deserve.

I would love to hear your feedback on this or any of my content! Please feel free to leave a comment here or find me on Instagram. Many Blessings for a bright and productive week. ♥

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