5 Tips to Get You Through Mercury Retrograde

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Have you ever heard someone say something about Mercury being in retrograde? I remember as a child my mom mentioning it in kind of an off-handed way. Things like, “Don’t buy a car during Mercury retrograde”, or “Don’t fly during Mercury retrograde or buy plane tickets”. I always used to wonder, firstly, what the hell was she talking about, and secondly, why does it matter?

Tips for Mercury Retrograde | EJL Blog


As I’ve gotten older and paid more attention to astrological happenings and the energies they influence and produce, I’ve noticed some big shifts for many people while Mercury is in it’s retrograde cycle. In case you’re curious, yes, other planets go through retrograde cycles as well, and yes, they do influence us too. However, since I’m most familiar with Mercury retrograde cycles, I’ll stick to those today.

I also want to mention – I’m no astrologer. I’m simply sharing my observances of Mercury retrograde cycles over the past 2 years or so and how they’ve influenced me and those around me. So, with that being said, let’s get started.


Mercury is the closest planet to our sun and the ruler of communication. With it’s hearty influence on communication, the retrograde cycles often influence technology and travel. This is why you may notice more techno difficulties during a retrograde cycle or hear people trying to avoid travel or buying tickets during a retrograde cycle. The likelihood of errors or miscommunication on dates, times, or cost is likely to occur.

When Mercury goes retrograde it appears to us that it is actually moving backward in the sky. This is an optical illusion. A great description of what is actually going on can be found here. It’s orbit around the sun is much shorter than ours, which plays a part in this optical illusion.

The retrograde cycle starts a couple (or so) weeks before it actually moves retrograde. This is known as the pre-shadow phase. On Thursday April 14th Mercury enters the pre-shadow phase and this is sort of the ramp up to the real deal if you will. I make note of the pre-shadow and post-shadow dates as I do notice things start getting a little funky during the pre-shadow phase and it often takes a few days to settle down after it has fully moved out of the post-shadow phase as well.

Tips for Mercury Retrograde | EJL Blog
Statue of the god Mercury

I really love Mystic Mamma and Dark Star Astrology for some truly fantastic astro insights during the retrograde cycle and throughout the year. Definitely worth a look. 


1 – Expect the Unexpected – I know this is a rather trite expression, but it’s true. Expect traffic to be unpredictable, plans to suddenly change, friends (or old lovers) to call out of the blue, etc.

2 – Beware Techno Difficulties – I mentioned this above, but it’s so true. Apps are unresponsive or crash randomly, self-check out lines at the store break down, wifi routers get more moody than usual.

3 – Slow Down & Notice – This is a big one (and actually something I suggest everyone do everyday no matter what). Slowing down will help us all with the previous 2 I mentioned above (and the following 2 as well!). When we slow down and notice we can often anticipate difficulties before they arise and then adjust accordingly. On the other hand, if we are rushing around from one task to another we’re less mindful and more likely to be taken off track, often unawares, only to notice when we’re already knee deep in shit. This is never ideal, retrograde or not.

4 – Beware the ‘Feels’ – This is a big one. Perhaps the biggest one. I’ve had retrograde cycles where nothing happened and others where it felt like old lovers were reaching out from thousands of miles away. Every day. All day and night. Vivid nighttime dreams, vivid daydreams, almost tortuous in their graphic realities. Some cycles this particular affliction never happens, but when it does, watch out!

It’s not just past lovers who seem to reach out energetically across time and space, but old friends too. Emotions run high for everyone (whether they acknowledge it or not) so we all need to be aware and as non-reactive as possible.

5 – Be Impeccable With Your Word – This affects us all no matter how intense or smooth any retrograde cycle is for us personally. Small words, taken out of context or said with a slightly irritated tone can blow up into big arguments. I’ve seen it, read about it, and listened to friends talk about it time and time again. These types of arguments can happen anytime, of course, not just during a retrograde, but from my experience, these arguments are far more likely, and far worse, at this time.

That’s it! I hope you all find these tips useful. Have you noticed any patterns during Mercury Retrogrades? Leave them in the comments so we can all learn and grow ♥

For more information on retrograde dates I highly encourage you to check out this site

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