A Return to Home Cooking: Tomato Sauce

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Hello everyone and Happy Spring! I swear each year flies by faster and faster. Is it just me, or do you feel that way too?

Easter is on Sunday and I haven’t started finished shopping for my daughter’s Easter basket yet! I don’t usually buy much. Some organic dairy free chocolate and maybe some Annie’s organic cookies or something. I hate buying stuff that will just end up in a landfill, so I guess I’m not very fun in that respect. I don’t buy Pez dispensers or cheap stuffed animals. Hopefully my daughter won’t feel jipped out of that piece of her childhood….

We’re continuing on with our Return to Home Cooking Series. How have you been enjoying it so far? I hope it’s been educational, at least 😉

A Return to Home Cooking: Tomato Sauce | EJL Blog

This week we are focusing on tomato sauces. One, to be exact, of which I’ll be sharing the recipe on Thursday. Spoiler alert: it’s so simple and easy you’ll wish you’d started sooner. I posted a preview of the ingredients on Instagram if you’d like to pop over and have a look (also above).

Why Homemade Tomato Sauce

  • Easy – I think you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to make your own tomato sauce at home. No long hours of simmering required, no peeling tomatoes, and no chopping herbs. (If you like to do all that stuff, sweet! Go for it! I’m sharing a recipe that is friendly for the beginner and more advanced cook who is short on time or energy.)
  • Healthier than jarred
    • Did you know that most jarred sauces have added sugar? One of the popular jarred sauce brands “Traditional” variety has 10g of sugar per serving! To put that in perspective, 10g of sugar is 2 1/2 teaspoons of sugar. Yikes. Other popular brands have 7-8g per serving and the sugar content changes depending on what flavor of sauce you buy.
    • Soybean oil is also featured in some sauces – check the label (assume GMO unless noted otherwise).
    • Sodium content is very high in jarred sauces. Both salt and sugar are used as preservatives even if the label reads “Preservative Free”.
    • GMOs & Natural Flavors are also featured in the majority of jarred sauces. If you buy Organic you can avoid GMOs, but there is currently no legislation preventing natural flavors to be added to organic food. I love this article on Natural Flavors – definitely worth your time!
    • Pesticides can be avoided buying organic, which is fantastic. However, the regular jars of pasta sauce not labeled organic contain pesticides from the tomatoes.
  • Flexibility – When you make your own sauce at home you can add or leave out whatever you want! In fact, if you don’t want onions or garlic (both are in my recipe posting on Thursday) in your sauce, leave them out! If you would rather have fresh herbs, throw those in! On a low salt diet? Measure out how much you know you can have and add it. You’ll find no added sugar in my sauce. You can also add things like mushrooms or peppers, crushed red pepper, etc.

That’s it for today. Check back in on Thursday for my super simple and very versatile red sauce. Happy Eating♥


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  1. Im loving this series! and today you have inspired me to create a no-mato sauce for me from scratch and its yummy! looking forward to this recipe on Thursday as OH eats Jarred pasta sauce and I’m trying to get us both eating as clean & real as possible 🙂

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