Making the Switch to Real Food

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Do you want to eat cleaner, feel better, and be healthier, but have no idea where to start? Do you feel completely overwhelmed by too much information and confused about terms like natural, organic, and non-GMO? No worries! All month long I’m here to share introductory techniques for cooking Real Food and getting away from convenience food.

Making the Switch to Real Food | EJL Blog

Each week I’ll be sharing traditional preparation methods for various foods. Not only will I include information about why we should all get back to Whole Foods and away from processed convenience foods, but I’ll be sharing coordinating recipes so you can get your hands dirty in the kitchen with the new knowledge you’ve gained.

Traditional Preperation

Making the Switch to Real Food | EJL Blog
Homemade Hummus with Veggies

Week 1: Dried Beans – How to soak and sprout and why we should avoid canned.

Week 2: Replacement for “Cream of” soups – It’s so easy you’ll wish you’d started sooner!

Week 3: Homemade Red Sauce – This sauce doubles for spaghetti & pizza.

Week 4: Homemade Bread – The grand finale! So easy & fun once you get the hang of it.

Making the Switch to Real Food | EJL




My Journey

I started my Real Food journey about 5 years ago and have since then seen/felt real, tangible, and noticeable changes in my health and my family’s health. We went from eating Hamburger Helper, Stouffer’s, and bagged frozen dinners to eating fresh whole foods made with intention and love. No more “cream of” soups, tasteless canned vegetables, or sugar and preservative-filled meals at our house.

I admit, it’s been a long and sometimes frustrating road to where we are now. I’ve spent literally days and days reading, watching, and listening to people talk about real food, GMOs, organics, cooking techniques and more (not to mention countless hours of actual cooking and food prep!).

I’m here to share my ups and downs with you along with some solid cooking techniques/knowledge to help you avoid common mistakes and get you and your family on the right track toward a healthier life.

Will you join me? 

P.S. If you live on the island of Oahu and are interested in having me come to your home and teach you how to cook, I would be so honored to do so. I have 3 levels of packages that will fit any budget. I want to share my knowledge and love of food/cooking with you and show you how to have fun too. Cooking is a lifelong skill that only gets easier and more rewarding the more you do it. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, click here to learn more about working with me.

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