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Are you on Instagram? If so, I’d love for you to join me (@enthusiastic_joyful_life) for weekly inspiration & affirmations.

All throughout January I’ll be posting inspirational affirmations designed to help you stay firm in your goals and intentions for 2016. Each Monday I’ll share an affirmation for you to use all week long. I like to write down my affirmations on my white board calendar at my desk. Writing them down in a journal is also very effective.

The inspirational affirmations can be used as is or you can change them to suit your needs. Remember, this is all about YOU and what you need to be successful in long and short-term goals.

I’ll be using the hashtag #EJLinspired. Please feel free to share with us your goals and intentions for 2016 and use the hashtag so we can connect with like-minded individuals and encourage each other. And I’d love to read about your own personal affirmations too!

Remember, you never know who you will encourage and inspire just by being you.

Brightest Blessings for 2016!

Want to accomplish great things in the New Year, but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Do you want to eat healthier and lose weight too, but not sure how to start or how to reach your goal? Check out my post from last week for how to get started. And remember, you can always reach out to me via Instagram, email, or leaving a comment on a blog post. 

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