Intentions & Goals for 2016

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I don’t like the idea of New Year’s Resolutions much. Do you? I feel like by February they are already forgotten or have been cast aside as unreachable. I know for some people they have moderate to great success with them, but it seems to me that for 90% of people the resolutions they set are either unreachable, too large, or are only done half-heartedly. I truly believe many people want to make a change and don’t know how to go about it so they make New Year’s Resolutions and hope for the best. Are you one of these people or do you have a friend like this? If so, I have 2 ideas I’d like to share.

Intentions & Goals for 2016 | EJL Blog

Goal Setting 

Instead of setting a “resolution” or something very vague that you’d like to accomplish in 2016, how about setting small, reachable goals that will keep you on track to your larger goals or life plans? Start now. Grab a piece of paper or even your phone if you have a Notes app and jot down/type out some really quick ideas of things you’d like to accomplish during the first half of 2016………. And now some questions.

  • How many goals do you have?
  • Are they reachable within a shorter time period of a week, month, or few months?
  • Can they be broken up month to month?

For something like “I want to lose weight”, set a realistic goal of how much weight do you want to lose. Let’s say 20lbs over 6 months, just for example. Now, cut that in half to 10 pounds, and spread it out over 3 months, so you’re set up to lose about 3lbs per month. Now comes the hard part, setting up realistic plans for how to reduce how much you’re eating/change what you’re eating. Write these ideas down, don’t just think they will stay organized in your mind, because chances are they won’t. Not only that, but when you write down your goals you are more likely to achieve them. (Anyone else feel really satisfied crossing items off to-do lists?!)

At the beginning of each month, the end of each month (starting in December), or even the middle of each month (starting in January), write down your goals for the upcoming month, in this case, losing 3lbs. Then add in your realistic ideas for changing what you eat/how much you’re eating and check in with those ideas once per week. Once you feel comfortable doing this and you’ve been successful for one month implementing change you can add in something else to help you reach your weight-loss goals like exercise.

Finally, since I used diet and exercise for this example I’d like to mention a couple other things. First, please know that no matter how much you exercise you will not lose weight or be healthy if you do not change your diet. If you are eating fast food, processed food, or just plain eating too much, then you will not lose weight. Second, if you would like assistance regarding changing your eating habits or just some information on the dangers of fast food/processed food please feel free to contact me. I’m a certified Holistic Nutritionist and can assist you in changing your eating habits and reaching your goals in health and weightloss.


Intentions are a much more broad sense of a way of living life or shifting your focus. They can also be something you are intending to create in your life. This can get kind of heady so I won’t go on for too long about this, but I would like to share how I set intentions and my most recent intention for November/December. I actually set my intentions every month on the New Moon and then check in with them/set additional ones every New Moon.

I had the habit of always trying to do one last thing before heading rushing out the door to appointments or activities. I hated this, but I kept doing it! Then I thought to myself, I hate feeling rushed, I hate that my attention is fragmented, I hate that I’m not fully present when leaving the house or arriving to wherever I’m going. That’s when I decided I would add the intention of being more present, less rushed, and to stop trying to do one more thing right before leaving the house. I wrote down these intentions during my New Moon ritual in November and then on the New Moon in December I revisited these intentions and was honest with myself about how I’d done. For the most part I did very well! There were a few times when I spent too much time doing things before leaving the house/lost track of time, but overall I noticed a big change.

I didn’t give up on that intention for December just because I did well in November. I added it to my new list of intentions for the December cycle along with other things I’d like to accomplish/focus on/change.

As you can see I revisit my intentions every month as I suggested above in the goal setting section. Revisiting your goals or intentions is essential in creating change and creating a life you love. Even if you choose to set a larger intention for 2016 (which I do) you can still revisit it once per month and reflect on how things are going or how they aren’t going. It’s so important to be honest with yourself. No one else will read your journal so there’s no point in sugarcoating the truth or straight up lying about it. Be honest. Be real. Be intentional.

No matter what you choose for 2016 even if you choose to fly by the seat of your pants, I wish you success in all that you do. Please feel free to reach out to me by email, comment, or on Instagram if you have any questions about weight loss, healthy eating, goal setting, or intention setting. Many Blessings for a safe and abundant 2016 ♥


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  1. I love how you suggest setting goals – that does seem to make things more achievable and the smaller time frame is much better than a whole year.

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