Eco-Friendly Gift Basket Ideas (with Small Business Spotlights!)

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Eco-Friendly Gift Basket Ideas | enthusiastic yogini

Have you gotten all your holiday shopping done yet? Are you buying or making gifts this year? I usually do a combination of the two since my daughter is still little and we enjoy making crafts together. Last year we made salt dough impressions of her hand and drew little snowmen on them (like this!) and another year we did foot impressions. Grandmas love that stuff! This year we made cinnamon salt dough ornaments using holiday cookie cutters to which we added glitter glue and hemp/jute cording for hanging on the tree. We’re also planning to make cookies to send home too. (Cookie recipes welcome! Please share in the comments!)

So I’m getting a bit off topic….This is my favorite time of year. There’s a festive energy in the air and I love all the lights and decorations. We decorated our home yesterday, but left the outside lights for Daddy to do today. It was definitely different working with our Living Christmas Tree, but I think it’s worth it and I look forward to seeing how much it’s grown next year during this time of year.

I am also almost completely done shopping. I’m thrilled! I’m actually feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff I want to get done (which may mean I’ve given myself too much to do) so having all the shopping out of the way is a huge relief.

Are there any people in your life that you want to buy for, but you have no idea what to get? Do they or you fall into the crunchy/hippie/eco-minded/earth loving category? If so, I have some great ideas for you!

I came up with these gift basket ideas using products that I actually use and enjoy. Not only that, but I’m linking to a few of my favorite small businesses. Small businesses are where it’s at! And keep in mind you don’t have to buy everything in the basket I suggest, 1 or 2 things for a co-worker would be great too.

Eating-on-the-Go Basket

  • Bamboo Cutlery from To-Go Ware – I have 2 sets of these and I love themThe come in their own little carry sleeve with a clip on it for easy carrying. I keep 1 in my purse and 1 in my car at all times. I usually put them in the dishwasher and they’ve held up well for almost a year now.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas | enthusiastic yogini

  • Cloth Napkins – Many people will be turned off by the idea of cloth napkins, but paper napkins are so wasteful. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely have their place, but overall I think we should (and can) be using cloth napkins. If you like to sew, maybe sew your own, otherwise Oh Little Rabbit makes some super fun organic cloth napkins. They are very sweet people and their products are very well made.
  • Reusable Travel Coffee Mug – This one is pretty self-explanatory and they are everywhere. I prefer the dishwasher safe kind in porcelain or stainless so I don’t have to worry about chemicals from hot liquids in plastics.
  • Reusable Water Bottle – Again, self-explanatory, but indispensable. I love my hydroflask. It doesn’t sweat and it keeps my water cold even if I leave it in a hot car. BPA free, dishwasher safe and a variety of lid options makes this my favorite for warm weather climates.

Kitchen Basket

  • If You Care Rubber Gloves – My hands take a beating when I’m handwashing certain delicate dishes/pots & pans so rubber gloves are a must in my kitchen. I used to use Playtex and the like from Target, but they always got holes in the fingers, sometimes within the first week! Not to mention they are terrible for the environment, especially if I have to keep buying them and therefore throwing them away. The IYC gloves last a bit longer than the Playtex version and they are made from sustainably sourced, fair-trade rubber. I usually buy mine at our local natural food store. Click the link to read more about the company.
  • Silicon Basting Brush – I use these instead of non-stick spray. I gave up non-stick spray about 3 years ago because of environmental and health concerns. Now I use a silicon basting brush to brush butter or oil onto baking dishes or cookie sheets. It’s super easy and now I don’t have aerosoled oils and propellants in the air to breathe in and my conscious is clear about throwing away metal cans to sit in a landfill. Make sure to get one that is food & dishwasher safe for ease of use. Maybe you can even throw in a bottle or jar of your favorite coconut /avocado/olive oil!
  • All Natural Fruit & Veggie Brush – I use this one from Full Circle. It’s made from sustainable bamboo instead of petroleum-derived plastic.

Eco-Friendly Gift Basket Ideas | enthusiastic yogini

  • Silicon Baking Mats – These take the place of parchment paper in making baking instances, like these or these. I usually put mine in the dishwasher to clean. They are available on Amazon, of course, and I’ve seen them at Target and Costco for decent prices.

Grocery Basket

  • Reusable Grocery Bags – These are everywhere too, but you can find some super cute ones on Etsy. Again, Oh Little Rabbit has some great ones. Canvas lasts longer, but any type of machine washable bags would be great. I wash mine about once a month, sometimes more, but it is important to wash them periodically – one word: e.coli, especially if raw meats go inside (yes, even in modern day packaging).
  • Mesh Veggie Bags – I love my mesh veggie bags! My biggest issue is remembering to bring them into the store. I use these from Amazon (also machine washable). They have different sizes so a variety of sizes would be nice. Isn’t it a shame to use reusable grocery bags only to fill them with plastic veggie bags?!

Eco-Friendly Gift Baskets | enthusiastic yogini

  • Glass Jars – Glass jars are indispensable in the kitchen. They even have cute little spice-sized jars now. I usually just reuse the glass jars from coconut oil or jelly, but I have bought some mason jars for loose tea. They’re dishwasher safe, seal air tight, and are reusable for practically anything for the life of the jar. Most grocery stores with bulk food sections will have no problem weighing the jar for you ahead of time so you can subtract it from the total when buying in bulk. Natural food stores will definitely be happy to weigh your jars ahead of time for you and will often offer to write the weight on for future use.

And that’s it! I hope this gives you some ideas for eco-friendly gifts or maybe gets your creative juices flowing for something else you might like to get. Many Blessings Friends!

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