Living With Less ~ Gratitude = Abundance

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Living With Less ~ Gratitude = Abundance | enthusiastic yogini

We are in the midst of a military move and have been without our normal creature comforts for almost 2 weeks now. We’ve been sleeping on air mattresses, sitting on floors, and cooking with government loaner well-used pots, pans, and knives. Most of our clothes are gone, all of our furniture, and we just shipped 1 car.

Some people will read that and think, “OMG, that sounds awful!”. Some will think, “That’s not bad”. And others will think, “You’re lucky to have that kitchen stuff on loan to you and to have the money to buy an air mattress!”. In which category do you fall?

3 years ago I would have fallen into in the first category – the “that sounds awful” category. But now I know how incredibly blessed we really are. Some people don’t have any pots and pans let alone money to buy food to cook. Some people are sleeping on cardboard boxes in the rain. Some people will never learn how to read, much less be typing on their own laptop as I am right now. Instead of being frustrated every day that I have to sit on the floor, cook with non-stick pans that aren’t so non-stick, share a car with my husband, and wear the same clothes each week, I choose to be thankful. Is it easy? Not always. But it is always worth it.


How do you define abundance? I used to define abundance by the amount of money we had in the bank or how little credit card debt we had. I never thought of friends and family as abundance. I never thought of the kindness of strangers as abundance. But now I know the truth. Having multiple people ask you if you need to borrow home stuffs is abundance. Having a friend take you out to lunch is abundance. Having students bring me wild fruit is abundance. Having the Universe provide for us in mysterious ways is abundance. Monetary gifts that one day I thought were a luxury became a gift of less stress and less burden for car issues the next. The signs of your keepers, your angels, your guides, the Universe – they are all there, you just have to look with open eyes and an open heart.

And once you open your eyes to the signs, your heart to your guides, you are never alone. I feel them as I walk, drive, meditate, shower, and even sleep. They are abundance. They are immeasurable gifts from the Divine that I feel so blessed to have. You have them too. You only must be willing to see and receive guidance. Ask for your Angels to come, for your guides to guide your eyes, your feet, your thoughts and know that you are supported. Communing with them gets easier over time and then you start to see Miracles every day. Miracles that seem little today might seem monumental tomorrow. Being thankful for them all is the key to receiving more.


What else has this move taught me? Surrender. Surrender to the Universe. Surrender to trusting. Surrender control. That is the hardest of all – surrendering control. Control is something I’ve been working on since my daughter was born. I’ve seen a therapist for it. I know I like to have my environment controlled when I feel out of control. “My house is clean, at least I can control that”. That’s what I used to think. Having a husband in the military and a 4 year old daughter is another lesson in surrendering control. Is my house ever as clean as I’d like? Nope. Is that ok? Yep.

Or did the movers show up and pack our shit and do it in the timeline I wanted? BIG nope. Did I call the moving company and complain? No, I didn’t, even though I sure as hell wanted to. The 2nd day of the pack-out I was really struggling with this. My ego wanted them to be done NOW and to finish and work at a pace that matched mine. I knew deep down I should let it go, but I was still struggling with surrendering control. I was talking to my husband telling him I was struggling and couldn’t decide whether to call and complain or just let it go and I heard, clear as day, “Let it Go”. Not my husband speaking, but what I’ve come to decide was my Higher Self. She speaks clearly, but quietly. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard from her, but it isn’t an everyday or every week thing.  this sense of knowing, of understanding, it’s amazing. It’s freeing and comforting. It’s like letting go of a breath you didn’t realize you were holding. It’s Meditation. That’s how I know to recognize the voice of my Higher Self.

When Sri K. Pattabhi Jois said, “Practice and all is coming”, I don’t think he was speaking of only asana. Mediation is a practice. Pranayama is a practice. Mindfulness is a practice. Practice all these things and all is coming. “What’s coming?!” For me what is coming is peace, abundance, joy, trust, love, kindness, lack of judgements, and faith.


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