Full Moon Ritual Work

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As of this writing, the next Full Moon occurs on 7/31/15. Go here for Full Moon & New Moon dates.

Do you believe in Magic? I do. It’s all around us, everyday. While it may not be shimmering lights and floating feathers and flying hippogriffs, it is very real. Well, if you choose to see it. And I do choose. You can make the choice too. It’s simple really. Acceptance that our lives are truly miraculous is a great way to start. Seeing the complexity of nature and Her amazingly abundant gifts I wonder why everyone doesn’t believe in Magic. My only reasoning is that we have all been experiencing so much Magic in our lives that we view it as commonplace, and in some cases we view Magic as a birthright. Hmmmmm…….. kind of scary, right? I think so.

When we take all the amazing things in our lives for granted they become less special. Try living just 8 hours without running water and you’ll soon see how much we take that incredible luxury for granted. Or how about no electricity for 8 hours? Both of these things seem terribly inconvenient, but when you do without it gives you a much greater appreciation for it when you get to enjoy these luxuries again. Anyway, I digress. Sort of. My point is that when you start to see all our “conveniences” as miraculous or magical it opens your mind to seeing more Magic. And trust me, when you put out into the Universe that you see Magic, more Magic comes to you. Funny how that works, or maybe it’s just Magical. 😉

Are you still reading? I hope so because I’m going to share how I let go of the not-so-Magical stuff in my life. The Full Moon is for releasing, burning up the things that no longer serve our Highest Self and those we love. Luna shines bright and that light shines down into our lives showing us the things we need to release – but only if we’re willing to see. Be willing. I challenge you. It’s not easy and you must be willing to see the not-so-pretty stuff. That not-so-pretty stuff is what needs to go anyway.

 We cannot release that which we do not know exists.

That’s why the bright light of Luna on the Full Moon is so helpful – but again, only if we are willing to see. Are you?

Ritual Tools

First I’d like to note that there are many ways to do a Full Moon Ritual, I’m just sharing my own personal way of doing it. Substitutions and omissions are up to you and the ritual is completely open to personalization. 

  • Smudge Stick (White Sage, Mugwort, Cedar, Sweet Grass, etc. Palo Santo is also a great option.)
  • Incense (your favorite – diffused essential oils are OK too)
  • Lighter or Matches
  • Candles
  • Fire Safe Bowl
  • Salt or Water (or both)
  • Journal & Pen
  • Scrap Paper
  • Pencil
  • Crystals (totally optional, you can still complete the ritual without them)
  • Tarot Cards (only if you’d like to do a reading)
  • A Sacred Space (where you won’t be disturbed)
  • Meditative Music (optional, but helpful, especially for beginners)
  • An Open Mind & Heart

How to Begin

I always set out all of the tools I plan to use so they are close at hand. If you already have a space where you meditate, practice yoga, pray, or read, I’d recommend using that space. Most likely you are already comfortable there and the space already has your energy in it….

My Moon Journal, burning bowl, and smudge stick.
My Moon Journal, burning bowl, and smudge stick.
My Palo Santo stick - also used for purifying.
My Palo Santo stick – also used for purifying.
  • Set your Intention: Close your eyes and breathe for as long as you feel is appropriate. This is an intuitive practice, so don’t feel like you have to sit for half an hour. If that happens, great! If you only sit for 2 minutes before beginning, that’s great too! Go with what feels right for you.
  • Turn on your meditative music, if using, and light your incense/turn on your diffuser.
  • Light your candle(s). I like to place a tealight in my fire safe bowl on top of some salt. You can also use a floating votive in a bowl of water if that’s your preference.
  • Smudge (Yourself & your Sacred Space). I find this to be an incredibly useful step and highly recommend you do not skip it. Smudge sticks are available online, but can also be bought in metaphysical/crystal stores and your local crunchy food store might even have some. If you have never smudged before, this is also an intuitive practice. If you feel more comfortable reading about it first, go here to set your mind at ease.
Easy & Safe way to put out your smudge stick - in salt.
Easy & Safe way to put out your smudge stick – in salt.
  • Say a prayer. You can pray to whoever you want, this is your ritual! After my prayer I usually say something like, “I call upon the energy of the Full Moon to aid me in releasing these things which no longer serve me. I call upon the energy of Mother Gaia to lend her energy to my ritual tonight.” Make sure to say “Thank You” in advance!
  • Reaffirm your Intention. If this is your first ritual, all of this might seem a bit overwhelming or you might get distracted trying to remember everything. This is ok and completely normal. Simply close your eyes, breathe, and reaffirm your Intention.
  • Write down the things you want to release. You can use one piece of paper and write a couple sentences or just use bullet points. You can also use small scraps of paper and write down a few words on each one. I’ve done both and personally prefer the scrap pieces of paper. It just feels better to me, but go with whatever you like. I write in pencil – we are going to burn the paper.
  • Close your eyes and breathe, centering yourself again. Choose your first piece of paper (or THE piece of paper if that’s what you chose) and hold it in your hands, closing your eyes and speaking out loud your intention to release the thing(s) you wrote down.
  • Hold the paper over the flame and let it catch fire. If you are using salt in a bowl, you can set it down right away and watch the paper burn, knowing that you are burning up those things that you don’t want or need right along with the paper. I like to hold on to the paper as long as I can before setting it down. If you choose to use a bowl of water instead, you might consider doing the same, that way the paper gets fully burned.
  • Continue through each remaining piece of paper, speaking out loud, and giving thanks with each one.
  • When every piece is done, speak a final word of thanks out loud to whoever you want plus the Moon and Gaia since we called on them to begin with. Take a few (or many) breaths, enjoying the calm and quiet you’ve created.

That’s it! It’s usually here that I pull out my tarot cards if I’m choosing to use them. Sometimes I’ll do a reading, sometimes I don’t. Again, this is intuitive. Go slow and see if the cards feel like speaking to you. If they don’t, don’t force it – they probably won’t cooperate for you anyway.

Now is a great time to write in your journal as well. I have a journal specifically set aside for Moon Rituals. This is much more a part of the New Moon Rituals, but it’s still good to have it nearby if you want to write anything down.

Crystals: I mentioned them above. If you already have a collection and/or a relationship with some crystals, you can sit them around in your sacred space to enhance the energy of the ritual. I like to set them outside so they can be bathed in Full Moon energy. I don’t do this every month, mostly because I forget or the weather isn’t friendly enough to do so. Sun baths can be nice to, depending on the crystal. It cleanses and charges them at the same time.

My Crystsals ready to go outside for a Full Moon Energy Bath.
My Crystals ready to go outside for a Full Moon Energy Bath.

That’s it! The most important things to remember…

  • This is an intuitive practice. What feels right for you might not feel right to someone else and this is 100% OK.
  • You can spend as much or as little time completing the ritual as you want. I’ve done a super fast one in about 5 minutes when I was really in need of letting some shit go and didn’t have the energy to do a full ritual. However, usually when I choose to do this ritual I set aside a full hour.
  • GIVE THANKS. I can’t stress this enough. As I talked about at the beginning, we as privileged humans (and YES, if you are reading this you have much more in your life than most other humans on our planet) take so many things for granted. Consider the idea that Gratitude = Abundance. Meditate on that idea and see what comes up for you. Have you considered that our lack of gratitude for what we consider “simple” things might be blocking us from having the abundance we desire in other areas of our lives?

Please let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to post questions here in the comments or send me an email and I’ll do my best to get back to you promptly.

♥ Sat Nam Friends ♥

Disclaimer: Fire Safety is of utmost importance. Do not do this if you do not have a safe place to use an open flame. Do NOT use a plastic bowl. “Fire Safe” would be thick glass, an old cast iron pot, or stainless steel. Have some water or extra salt near by in case you need it. If you’re really concerned, have a fire extinguisher near you. The paper should burn itself out safely, especially if you’re using a proper bowl with salt or water inside. 

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