New Moon Ritual

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New Moon Ritual | enthusiastic yogini blog

As of this writing, the next New Moon is on Wednesday 7/15/15. Go here to see all dates for Moon Phases. 

The New Moon is a time for manifesting, planting seeds for the future, and reflecting on past endeavours. She is dark, mostly invisible in the night sky. I find this to be a quiet time of reflection, slowing down, being honest with what we’ve been consciously or unconsciously manifesting in our lives. There’s a quiet, but powerful energy during this time. A stark contrast to the Full Moon where I feel vibrant energy that creates a buzzing feeling of doing, creating, excitement, and lightness.

Allow yourself to be grounded by the New Moon’s energy.

For me this is always  welcome shift from the buzzy and heady energy that surrounds the Full Moon. I find relaxation in naps, more reading, drawing, free flowing movement, and sometimes writing. It’s like taking a deep breath and breathing out a sigh of relief. A welcome and well-deserved period of rest….

The Ritual

I don’t always do a New Moon ritual. Life gets in the way as much for me as it does for anyone else. Some months I’ll complete a New Moon ritual and not one on the Full Moon, or vice versa. But when I do take the time to sink down into Mother Earth and feel her grounding energy in concert with the grounding energy of Luna, I plant seeds for the future. I write, speak, and give thanks for the many Blessings I’m enjoying now and those I know to be on their way. And breeeeeaaaatttthhhheeee. So much breath. More than usual. Breathing in the stillness, the quiet, the softness in the air. Ah, yes…relaxation.

The New Moon ritual is much simpler than my Full Moon ritual. This doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful, because it is. Very much so. There is just less going on with material things and more going on internally. Much like Luna herself. You can’t see her just now, but she’s still there. She’s working her Magic on us whether we see her with our physical eyes or not. I’m working my Magic with the Universe, even though from an outside perspective it may not look like much besides writing in a journal.

Ritual Tools

  • Your Sacred Space
  • Smudge Stick (such as white sage, cedar, mugwort, Palo Santo, etc.)
  • Candles & a lighter or matches
  • Incense or essential oils
  • Meditative Music (if you like, not essential)
  • Moon Journal & Pen
  • Tarot Cards (if you’d like to do a reading)
  • Crystals (if you like)
  • An Open Heart & Mind

Completing the Ritual 

  • Start by cleansing yourself and your Sacred Space by smudging.
  • Light some candles and incense, if you like. It creates a nice atmosphere.
  • Close your eyes and breathe. (Now is the time I turn my meditative music, if I’m using.)
  • Set your intention for your ritual. I usually say something along the lines of, “I call upon the energy of the New Moon to assist me in manifesting my desires. Thank you Luna for lending your energy to this ritual. Thank you Gaia for your abundance and for lending your energy to this ritual.” And you should also say thank you to God or whomever you pray to.
  • For each Moon cycle I write on a fresh page in my Moon Journal. Remember, now is the time to plant seeds for the future and for manifesting. At the top of the page I write, “I deserve to have everything I want and need. I draw these things, or something better, into my life for my highest good and the good of those around me. Thank you Luna, thank you God, thank you Gaia for the Blessings we are enjoying now, and the blessings surely on their way!”
  • After I write my affirmation statement I look back on the previous month(s) desires and give thanks for those things that have manifested into our reality. I choose which desires I want to carry over into this months ritual, and which ones are no longer serving me. To this months list I add the things I want to carry over, then add new things.
  • Try writing down your desires in affirmation statements. “My hand is healed.” or “I am confident”, “I am loved and loving”. Whatever it is you want to draw into your life.
  • After you are done writing, close your eyes and breathe, focusing on the breath for as long as you like. I like to place my palms down on the words I wrote and infuse them with energy.
  • Once you are done, say another word (or several) of thanks.
  • If you’d like to do a tarot reading, now is a great time.
  • Again, you want to close everything out with a word of thanks to Luna and God (or whomever you pray to).

You may have noticed I didn’t mention crystals. I used to work with grounding crystals much more frequently than I do now. Grounding or protective crystals are great for any type of ritual. My favorites are raw black tourmaline, hematite, and jet. But, feel free to use whatever crystal(s) you like for your rituals. Follow your intuition and you can’t go wrong.

Next Tuesday I’ll be posting my Full Moon Ritual. It is a bit more involved, but equally worth your time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’d be happy to help.

Sat Nam Friends ⊕

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