Mercury Musings

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Oh, Mercury. I see you.
I know what to expect now. I’ve figured out your pattern, your wiliness and wildness.
I know now those vivid, hard-to-forget dreams are of your doing. I make them, but you are what makes them so real.
I recognize the thoughts, the longing. Pulling people and places and situations up from the depths. Making them so hard to forget, seeming so real like they just happened yesterday.
The calendar tells me years have passed, but in my heart I still feel the same. Giddy and crazy in love. But I know now. I’ve recognized. You can’t fool me again.
The feelings and thoughts are there, but I know they’ll pass. The urge to reach out, connect, close the gap.
How do you do it? I’ll always wonder. Or maybe it’s not you at all. Maybe it’s just me. Has been me all along. My intuition heightened by your power.
What am I weaving falling prey to your wiles. What am I (un)knowingly bringing into existence.
Only time will tell.
Maybe nothing.
Maybe something.
The question is, do I really want it to be nothing? Or am I more than knowingly weaving something.
Past lives. Unfinished. Still tied to each other.
Still more questions.
There will be answers. One day.
Maybe in another retrograde.

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