Healing UTIs Without Antibiotics

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Healing UTIs Without Antibiotics

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be. The healing methods listed below have worked for me, but are for informational purposes only. Please contact your qualified healthcare professional with any questions you may have regarding your health. And as always, if you are pregnant or nursing, seek expert help before attempting any herbal remedies or supplements. 

As promised in How I’m Healing My Gut Part Two, here is how I treat UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) without antibiotics!

As I mentioned in Part One of this series, overuse of antibiotics contributes to candida overgrowth, and possibly, leaky gut. Antibiotics are life-saving, there is no debating that. However, when they are over-used, over-prescribed, rubbed on our hands, and ingested via food animals, they lose their effectiveness and create problems in the future with antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

As I said, this is something I use to treat myself and have had success with this method multiple times.


  • Bragg’s ACV: As I mentioned before, this raw, unfiltered, organic ACV is the bees knees! It has so many incredible uses. I add it to water and drink 1 tbsp/3x a day. (If you have any stomach concerns, please consult your healthcare provider before attempting.) I do this to help flush toxins out of my body, and help alkalize urine.
  • Sovereign Silver 10ppm: I love this brand of silver. The dosage for acute immunity support is up to 7 teaspoons per day. Spread the doses out over the course of the day. If any of you are now thinking of the guy who turned his skin blue by taking too much silver, I understand, but please know that that man rubbed it on his skin and drank it every day. (Feel free to google him and watch his interview. I’m sure you can find it on YouTube.) This particular brand of silver is more pure than other brands I have tried. The particles are nanoparticles and you take much less than other brands. For example, the brand I started on the dose was 1tbsp versus 1tsp of this brand. It is a bit pricier, but worth the extra money!
  • Urinary System Support from Herb Pharm: This tincture includes Goldenrod Flowering Tops, Corn Silk, Horsetail Herb, Uva Ursi leaf, and Juniper Berry. It’s very strong tasting, but does the job.

Preventative Dosing

For those of you who have recurrent UTIs, I highly encourage you to consider the fact that your gut may be unhealthy and chronic UTIs are simply symptoms of a larger problem happening in your gut. (For more info check out Part One of the Healing my Gut series.)

For those ladies who get them usually after intercourse, you may consider following the preventative regimen I follow.

  1. Pee immediately following sex. Don’t wait more than 5 minutes. I know this runs into “cuddle time”, but it’s worth it not to get a UTI!
  2. Upon waking the following day, drink 1tbsp ACV in 8-16oz water before breakfast.
  3. Take 1 dropperful in water or juice, as directed on the bottle.
  4. Continue extra water intake throughout the day. Do NOT “hold it”.
  5. In the late afternoon/evening, take another round of ACV water and 1 dropperful of the tincture.

You may take the tincture more through the day, as listed on the bottle.

 Detailed Dosing for UTI Healing

The key to this method of healing is immediate treatment. In other words, the sooner you catch it, the more successful you will be and the less pain/discomfort you will have. As soon as you feel a UTI coming on, double your water intake. I usually aim to pee once an hour during this stage. Cut out soda, or other sugary drinks (like bottled juices) right away and substitute water or an occasional unsweetened tea.

  1. Immediately put 1 dropperful of the Urinary System Support tincture into a glass of water and drink right away.
  2. Take 1 teaspoon of the silver.
  3. Add 1 tbsp of ACV to 12-16 ounces of water and drink immediately.

Continue drinking water throughout the day, repeating the above steps with the tincture, silver, and ACV 3 more times throughout the day. You may also wish to take the herbs an additional 1x and the silver an additional 3x. That brings the herbal tincture to 5x/day total and the silver 7x/day total. I would recommend no more than 4 ACV water drinks in one day.

Another important aspect of healing is food. I personally cut out all sugar products (fruits not included), coffee, and all animal products. Sugar is in no way helpful to your immune system. Coffee and animal products all have an acidifying effect on the body and is not conducive to healing.

You may also wish to up your vitamin C intake with a quality supplement and take probiotics to help your body self heal. Cranberry supplements or unsweetened cranberry juice cut with water will also help by making the urinary tract less sticky, so to speak. E.coli must first stick to the mucosal lining of the urinary tract before an infection will set in. Because of this cranberry is more effective in the early stages of an infection or to be used as preventative care.

If the UTI has progressed to extreme pain when urinating or pain in the lower abdomen (the bladder), please see your doctor. If you have blood in your urine, see your doctor IMMEDIATELY.

I also think it’s worth mentioning that in the book “Chronic Candidiasis” by Michael T. Murray, he lists herbal remedies for UTIs with herbs and exact dosing procedures. This book is full of great info and ways to treat common ailments without chemical pharmaceuticals. He lists herbal healing for complaints such as UTIs, Upper Respiratory Infections, and Yeast Infections. He also talks about increasing immunity, probiotics, and MUCH more. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for an empowering way to manage your own health.

I listed more info from his book in Part One of the Gut Series.

This is a companion post to the How I’m Healing My Gut Series! You can find Part One HERE, Part Two HERE, and Part Three HERE.

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    I recently helped a uti with oregano oil (3-4 drops in a capsule, with olive oil) and cranberry tablets. So much better than antibiotics!

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