Parasite Cleansing – Round 2

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Just a quick update on our second round of parasite cleansing!


Today is our final day of our 2nd week of cleansing and I’m happy to be done with it. I’ve felt normal the past 7 days, have not experienced any die off symptoms, and noticed nothing in my stool. I was having a hard time with the bentonite clay this week so I cut my dose down to 1/2 tbsp every other day. Part of the issue was due to a couple meals with nightshades before starting the cleanse. All I will say about that is “ugh 🙁 “. Nightshades remain on the no-no list for me.

Once I switched to every other day at a 1/2 tbsp dose of the bentonite clay, my stomach started to even out. I usually take a couple days to recover from nightshades, but even after those 2-3 days had passed I was still having some GI problems which I deduced were due to the bentonite clay. The bentonite clay is cleaning you out so it’s not surprising to me that I had a hard time with it. Even my husband who normally only has a bowel movement once a day or once every other day is now going several times a day, however, this might be due to the tincture or the fact that he has a ton of parasites dying and being passed.

Speaking of my husband….He has definitely benefitted from this second round. The past 2 days he has been experiencing die off symptoms, with the first day being the worst. Extreme tiredness, lack of appetite, and bad headache. Yesterday he seemed to be feeling a bit better with all symptoms still present, but diminishing.

He still refuses to discuss details, but has told me he’s seen “long white bits” in his stool which leaves me wondering if it was a tapeworm that has broken up or maybe several smaller ones? He also said, “You were right” in reference to one recent BM, but wouldn’t go into any more than that. I can’t even imagine what it must have been! Yuck!

If you reading this and have no idea what all of this is about or would like to re-read my first post, please click here.

As I stated in the initial post, PLEASE increase the dosage of the tincture over time as well as read instructions, warnings, and DO NOT ATTEMPT IF BREAST FEEDING OR PREGNANT.



We have both continued taking the above colon cleansing regimen as mentioned in my first post. The probiotics are taken every day, usually with a meal, even on the days I did not take the bentonite clay.

Questions? Comments? Please don’t hesitate! 

2 thoughts on “Parasite Cleansing – Round 2

  1. Hey,
    thank you for sharing your experiences. I want to try this out now aswell – alltough I think (or hope?!) that I will have as less parasites as you. I have some immun system issues lately and i think that the reason for it lies in my gut 🙂 At the moment I am taking a probiotic treatment from the pharmacy, because I want to build up my intestinal bacteria cultures (i think i have decimated them with antibiotics that i took waaaay to often :(( So if those worms and flukes have survived the antibiotica, I want to kill them off with this parasite cleansing 🙂
    Wish you all the best,
    Katja from Austria

    1. Hi Katja,

      I took many antibiotics in the past as well for UTIs and they didn’t kill of my parasites! 🙂 But rebuilding gut bacteria is essential for good health. You may also wanted to try kombucha or fermented foods to help repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria. Don’t forget to eat lots of prebiotics (fiber) so the new bacteria have something to eat 🙂

      Many Blessings!

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