My First Parasite Cleanse

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be. The information in this post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any type of illness or disease. I am sharing my own personal experience with the products listed in the article. If you have serious concerns, you should consult your physician. 

OK! Now that that’s out of the way – the good stuff. I just completed my first parasite cleanse on December 24th. Below are brief notes from each day to let you know how I progressed through the treatment and my personal experience. My husband was a great sport and did the cleanse with me. (He needed it!)

First: Why do a parasite cleanse? Curiosity and health! We all have some type of parasites or worms living in us. I’m not trying to freak you out here, just being honest. I first learned about parasites from Organic Olivia. She is full of info! Check her out! Here are her posts…

Everyone Has Parasites: Part One

Everyone Has Parasites: Part Two

Parasite Cleanse Tincture

Once I read through those I went over to Amazon to read about the NOW tincture that is pictured above. I encourage you to read the first review by “LALLAW”,

but be prepared, it’s a bit disturbing. Once I read that review I knew I had to do it. I also knew I wanted my husband to do it. He gets insane sugar cravings that affect his mood. He is also always hungry and has spent a lot of time in the field due to military trainings. He eats undercooked meat and drinks water from not so clean sources while doing field trainings. In short, I knew he had them. It actually didn’t take much convincing, which was a surprise. I added in a few sentences here and there below to share his experiences. He wasn’t very forthcoming about his poo 😉

Before you read through my experiences, I want to encourage you to read them carefully and to also read the labels on the products carefully. It is important to build up to the larger dose of the tincture. I started with half a dropperful in water, once a day. I encourage you to try this for the first time in the morning so you have time to deal with it if you have a reaction. DO NOT take this for the first time before bed, and if you have any allergies to the ingredients listed, do not take the tincture.

A word about diet during the cleanse: eat as cleanly as possible – absolutely NO processed junk food or soda. I also think it is very important to avoid alcohol completely while cleansing since you might have some liver flukes dying off and you shouldn’t burden your liver with alcohol during this time.

OK…. here you go! The below reads like journal entries. Enjoy! 🙂

Day 1/First Dose: half a dropperful. Thoughts: disgusting! I put half the dropper in about 4 ounces of water, held my nose and chugged. The bitterness was pretty bad, but I scraped my tongue and brushed my teeth immediately after and it was fine. I decided to only do 1 dose on the first day. I did this as soon as I woke up, then waited an hour before eating. This was VERY hard as I usually eat as soon as I wake up. No issues with tincture, did not feel strange at all.

Day 2: half a dropperful in the AM. I tried what my husband was doing and dropped it directly down the back of my throat – bleck! That was worse than drinking it in the water. This time I ate right after and noticed no nausea or upset stomach, however, I did have more bowel movements and my stools have been very soft. I decided to stick with just 1 dose on this day because of how my stomach was reacting. I took a probiotic with lunch. Husband has said the muscles around his eyes hurt and have hurt since day 1. He started the cleanse 1 day ahead of me. His vision is unaffected.

Day 3: 3/4 of a dropperful in the AM before breakfast in about 8 ounces of water. I drank about 2 ounces of juice immediately after, then scraped my tongue and brushed my teeth. In the late afternoon I did the psyllium husk and bentonite clay detox drink. No taste, but a strange texture while swallowing. Followed with another 1/2 dropperful parasite drink 1 hour later. Today I started noticing tiny red flecks in stool about the size of bits of thin thread, not blood. Also felt like crap today. Super tired and could not get warm.

Day 4: Upped my dosage to 1 full dropperful in water. Second BM of the day, passed a noticeable worm/fluke of some kind, over 1 inch long. Coffee was helpful today! Elimination is still loose. Took the colon cleanse drink in the afternoon, waited 1 hour, parasite drink, 1 hour later, probiotic and dinner. Husband reporting “lots of gross stuff” in elimination. A “long white line” and other stuff he wouldn’t discuss. Husband said the muscles around his eyes have finally stopped hurting.

Day 5: 1 dropperful in water, chased with a bit of OJ. Ate breakfast about 20 minutes later. Extra water. Around 3pm took colon cleanse drink. At 4:15pm took 1.25 dropperful of tincture, ate dinner, then took probiotic. Husband reporting food moving through his system much quicker than normal.

Day 6: 1.5 dropperful in water in the AM. Chased w/ OJ. Ate about 20 minutes later. Around 3pm took colon cleanse drink and another 1.5 dropperful about an hour later. Ate dinner as usual. Tons of extra water today. Feeling a bit dizzy in the afternoon, but nothing serious and don’t know if it’s related to the cleanse or not. Husbands last day is today.

Day 7: 1.5 dropperful in water in AM. Chased w/ OJ.  Ate about 20 minutes later. Passed some small white worms in the early afternoon. This was Xmas eve and I forgot to take the 2nd dose of tincture and the colon cleanse drink.

Day 8: Yesterday I took my last dose for the initial round of cleansing and today I passed at least 2 flukes. The first was the largest yet and very easy to spot. I did not do a lot of poking around in the stool to see what else was there. The 2 flukes were very easy to see.



Colon Cleansing Ingredients

There you have it! If you are wondering what my colon cleanse drink is, the ingredients are pictured above. I bought all 3 of those products shown at Super Supplements, but they are also all available on Amazon. If you are purchasing the tincture from Amazon I recommend buying the bentonite clay and psyllium husk there as well – free shipping! Olivia recommends doing a colon cleanse while doing the parasite cleanse to get the eggs and dead parasites out of your GI Tract. I bought and used the psyllium husk and bentonite clay as she suggested. I found the probiotic to be very helpful as the tincture made my stools very loose and more frequent.

I recommend taking the probiotic starting on your first day. Take the probiotic with a meal or directly after a meal. Please spend some money and get a decent probiotic. The ones on the shelves at Target/WalMart/Walgreens WILL NOT be high enough quality to do any good. The one shown works great for me and is stored in the refrigerator. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff at the store for help in choosing a decent probiotic.


Here are some questions I still had after reading Olivia’s posts…

Q: Will I feel weird during the cleanse? Can I still live my life like normal?

A: No, you shouldn’t feel weird. Yes, you can still live life like normal. I teach yoga 4 days a week and never had issues. I was concerned that the tincture would make me feel sick or weird and it did not.

Q: Does it really taste as bad as the Amazon reviews say??

A: Yes. It is very bitter. Personally, I think drinking it in water while holding your nose closed keeps it more tolerable. Like I mentioned, I drank a couple ounces of OJ immediately after and then scraped my tongue and brushed my teeth. After that the bitterness is completely gone and only a slight clove taste remains. In the afternoon I did not scrape and brush, just drank the OJ.

Q: Olivia says to do 2 droppers and 2 colon cleanses per day and you did it differently, why?

A: I chose to do the colon cleanse starting on day 3 as I felt that the parasites would just start dying off on that day and I didn’t know how the colon cleanse would affect me. My day 3 fell on a Saturday, which was purposeful since I don’t teach on the weekends. I also did not do 2 full droppers starting out as I did not know how the tincture would affect me or if I would have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. As I said before, I highly recommend that you work up to 2 droppers/day and start out with just half a dropper. You will see it’s not much and that is fine.

Q: How did you feel with the colon cleanse?

A: Normal. Like I wrote in the journal entries, the taste is not a problem, but the texture while swallowing is a bit odd. The directions on the psyllium husk bag also recommend working your way up to a certain amount instead of starting out with 2 drinks per day.

Q: What does all this cost? 

A: The 2 oz. tincture is available on Amazon for $8 per bottle. The psyllium husk is available on Amazon as well, but I got mine from Super Supplements for about $7. The bentonite clay was about $9 at Super Supplements, but is also available from Amazon. The most expensive thing is the probiotic, which costs around $18. Again, please buy a refrigerated probiotic and don’t be afraid to spend some money on a quality probiotic – it’s worth it.

Q: How do I know if I need to do a cleanse? 

A: Check out this article from MindBodyGreen.

Q: What types of parasites/worms can I get/have?

A: Go here for more info on that question.

Q: Do you feel or see the worms/parasites coming out??

A: No. As Olivia states, they are dead when they come out and are impacted in your stool. It was easier for me to spot the flukes without poking around in the stool because my eliminations tend to be on the loose side. My husband, however, tends to have harder stools and he refused to examine his. If you want to see what types of worms/parasites you have/had I recommend using disposable plastic or wood utensils – think disposable chopsticks or baking dowels.

Final Thoughts

As noted in Olivia’s posts, it is important to take a 1 week break in between cleanses. My husband and I are both taking a 7 day break and will start the second round of the cleanse soon. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to do the 2nd round, but when I started noticing the flukes the day after my final dose I now know I need to do the 2nd round as planned. My husband agrees he needs to do the second week as well. I will post again after my 2nd week is complete 🙂

Last important suggestion: DRINK LOTS OF WATER. You should be drinking half your bodyweight in ounces every day whether you are cleansing or not and this is especially important to do while cleansing. There are apps you can add on your phone if you need reminders to drink water throughout the day or you can keep a tally somewhere.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to comment or email me and I will be happy to help! 

*This post contains affiliate links to the products that I use and recommend. I have not been sponsored in any way for this post. 

13 thoughts on “My First Parasite Cleanse

  1. Is there any other way to help things keep moving besides the Clay and Husk drink? I can handle the bitterness of the parasite drink, but there is no way I can drink chunky stuff. The texture just grosses me out. I also can’t swallow pills, so that is an other dead end. I’m just worried about not going number two enough (even though I am vegan and usually plant based!), and the toxicity left over from the parasites. I’m 3 days into the cleanse and I honestly haven’t felt much different, nothing noticeable in my stool at all. I didn’t notice that you said first dose shouldn’t be before bed- That’s what I did. Oops! I haven’t seen anyone else say that. Why is starting that way bad?

    1. Hi Ella,

      The only reason I mentioned not taking the first dose before bed was in case you had an adverse reaction. At this point I’m sure you’re fine 🙂

      Day 3 is when they first start to die off. Eating a plant based diet should give you enough bulk in your stool that you are still having 2-3 bowel movements per day. Maybe try just the bentonite clay as recommended and not take the psyllium husk.

      If you are having no problems going then I’m hesitant to say you should take something or be concerned at all. A nice strong black coffee or liquid magnesium supplements might help you get things moving if need be.

      Make sure to stay away from processed carbs like white or wheat bread and pasta if you’re having problems having a bowel movement.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks for this! I’m wondering about how many rounds do you actually recommend doing? I know for a fact I have parasites – and I want to get rid of them all! I feel like I have a large infestation of them too. It’s gotten to the point that my hair is falling out (I really believe this is because of the parasites) 2 rounds almost feels like it wouldn’t be enough? How do I know when the right time to stop is? Ahhhhh I’m feeling very over whelmed 🙁 hope you can help!

    1. Hi Bethany,

      I’m so sorry to hear about this! The amount of rounds you do is totally up to you and how you are feeling. I would complete the first week and see how you’re feeling. Remember that if you have a particularly bad infection you will most likely experience some intense die off symptoms. After your week break you may wish to increase the amount of the tincture you are taking for your second round. I will tell you that for me personally I have done a cleanse about 4x now and I now have to up my dosage. The parasites that are still left are much more resilient, and of course I’ve picked up new ones over time.

      You should notice improvement after your first and second round. You can always go for a 3rd round, see how you feel, then do a 4th. Just remember to take a week off in between rounds to give your body a break.

      Also, it is VERY important that you take the colon cleanse drink. I did not take them enough during one of my cleanses and I was EXHAUSTED and very cranky. The next time I made sure to drink the colon cleanse drinks regularly and the die off symptoms weren’t as intense.

      Lastly, the best thing you can do to encourage healing and get as many of them out as possible is to eat clean. This means absolutely no alcohol and minimal coffee (let’s say 1 cup/day max). I would also recommend eating vegan for the entirety of the cleanse, including the week off. Eat as many vegetables as you like, raw or cooked (with minimal oil and definitely not fried), fruits, juices, smoothies, etc. These recommendations are if you have a healthy gut, of course. Any foods you know may cause inflammation regularly should also be avoided. For me that includes nightshades, pasta, and pasteurized dairy products.

      I hope that helps!

    1. Hi Erin, if you read through the above “journal entries” days 1-8 you can see exactly what I took. Start slow if this is your first time being exposed to these ingredients.

      Days 1/2 I would recommend 1/2 dropperful of tincture 1x/day.

      Days 3/4 take 1 dropperful of the tincture 1x/day and add in the colon cleanse in the afternoon between lunch and dinner. 1 tbsp of each the bentonite clay and the psyllium husk, lots of water.

      Days 5/6 take 1 dropperful of tincture before breakfast and an hour after lunch. Then take psyllium husk/bentonite clay drink 1 hour after tincture.

      Day 7 take 1.5 dropperful of the tincture in morning and afternoon. Take 1 of the colon cleanse drinks in the afternoon 1 hour after tincture.

      Hope that helps. Dosing can be varied, just use your intuition. If you are experiencing die off symptoms such as extreme fatigue, headaches, pain around the eyes, etc, maybe take 2 colon cleanse drinks/day and/or take less of the tincture. Everyone is different! And please note, I’m not a doctor, these are just suggestions. Use at your discretion and make sure to build up to using the tincture, taking only 1/2 dropperful on the first and second day to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

      Make sure to take a 7 day break between the first week and 2nd week if you choose to do another week. Taking the colon cleanse drink of bentonite clay and psy husk will help with die off symptoms should you experience them.

      No alcohol and as little processed food as possible 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed reading your story! I’m on day 2 of my parasite Liv & Lily’s parasite cleanse (Organic Olivia’s product). I purchased the kit in Decemeber and put off starting it as I really wasn’t sure how my body was going to respond to it. I really wish I hadn’t waited so long! The pills aren’t bad- I’ve taken quite a few supplements in my lifetime, all which made me feel gassy and burp up their nasty taste. The pills in the kit give me the same feeling but they taste like cloves so I actually enjoy the flavor. Yesterday’s dosage was 4 pills with 2 tsp of diatomaceous earth. Today was 6 pills with 2 tbsp of castor oil. Tomorrow is 9 pills with my very first enema. I’m too chicken to see what’s been coming out the other end. Maybe I’ll stomach up the courage in the next couple of days. Wish me luck! Love, peace, & hair grease- Anny

    1. Good luck! Thanks for sharing! I’ve never had/done an enema, but I can’t say I haven’t thought about it….mainly in concert with a liver cleanse, but I haven’t done one of those yet. 🙂

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