My First Float

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Last month (or was it October??) I was given a free float by one of my students! I was so pleased and touched to be given this gift. I’ve never floated before, but in my most recent YTT there was a Float Center owner so I had heard only good things.

I know not every float center will be the same, but I assume they will be similar in some aspects. I went to Northwest Float Center, which is local to Tacoma, WA.

Making the appointment was very easy and I even had to change it within a couple hours of my scheduled time due to some serious car troubles. They were super kind and it was no trouble to get another appointment for a day and time that worked for me.

float 2
The Float Tank

I was shown into my own room with a private float tank and shower. There is only about a foot of water in the tank. When I heard this I thought, “That can’t be enough, there is no way I will float!”. But float, I did! The water is loaded with Magnesium Sulfate, aka Epsom Salt and it makes everyone SUPER buoyant. I giggled to myself a little when I first got in. Not only do you float, but you can place your hands/feet/legs in whatever position is comfortable for you and they will stay there with no effort on your part.

I used the ear plugs they provided and the inflatable neck rest. I fiddled around for just a couple minutes before getting comfy and then I drifted right into my meditative state. I will tell you that it is easier to get into this state in the tank if you already meditate. The woman who was working while I was there told me a lot of people don’t really know what to do for the first 20 minutes or so, but I found it was very easy to drop down into myself. My brain already knows what to do and being in the tank without distractions made it very easy to let go.

float 4
In-Room Shower

My float was scheduled for 75 minutes, but I got out after an hour as my bladder is tiny! It felt like 30 minutes, but when I looked at my phone a full hour had passed. I was very surprised. It was very relaxing and I would definitely do it again.

float 3
Water being filtered after my float

The benefits to floating are many. Check out this site for more info about the benefits and the author gives some great tips for your first float too. 🙂

Have you ever floated? Did you like it? 







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