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So if you’ve been keeping up with my blog you’ll know I was just in Vancouver, BC for 12 days for a 100 hour YTT (Yoga Teacher Training). I’ve been thinking about everything I took away from it and it is a lot. And I mean A LOT. Not only did Eoin cover alignment and anatomy within the asana practice, we talked about energy, nature, community, and spiritual development. Most days we sat in a circle discussing the topics of the day. Some days played out like a group therapy session, and I mean that in a positive way. I watched my new yogi friends blossom and grow; it was amazing. There were 2 people in particular that I watched really unfold. Eoin has a great knack for knowing when to push and when not to delve deeper. He saw who was ready and who wasn’t and encouraged them to continue to share in a safe, open, and loving way. There were lots of tears, laughs, and ah-ha moments. I wish I could have stayed for the full 200 YTT.

Nature Appreciation


To you, the picture above might look like a pile of yard waste that needs to be put outside, but to me it was a constant reminder that nature was with us and we are one. Eoin brought a pinecone on the first day and encouraged us to bring things we found in nature. I added a couple shells, a flower, some wild lavender, and wild rosemary. Many people brought feathers, others brought rocks, leaves, small branches, and more shells. It was larger than this when I left and I can only imagine how large it will be when the 200 hour people are done. This was always in the center of the room, the center of our circle, and as I said, it was a constant reminder that we and the environment are inseparable.

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Lastly, when I was thinking about writing this blog post I was imagining something much more eloquent and enlightening coming out to really do justice to this amazing experience. That hasn’t happened and that’s ok. I will say that Eoin’s training is well-rounded and more than worth the money. I now feel comfortable doing private yoga sessions, which I had previously felt I did not have enough knowledge to do. I feel better able to protect myself and my students during an asana practice, and I learned about myself and others.

The work that Eoin is doing, at the core, is developing people. Helping others grow into the people they were always meant to be, and allowing them to walk (or jog) their own path. Put simply: he is helping people get out of their own way. This is the work that I want to do. This is the work I know I’m here to do. After experiencing his way of teaching, his energy, and his appreciation for others and our planet I’m now manifesting a career doing the same thing. Next year I intend to continue working towards my 500 hour certificate with Eoin and hope that they will do me the honor of allowing me to help facilitate their YTTs in the future.

He and the other people that attended the training have done so much for me – more than any of them will ever know. It was a blessing and an honor to spend 11 days with those people and I will always carry them and our shared experience in my heart.

Namaste Friends <3

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