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I just wanted to add a quick post tonight….

Today is day 3 of being here in Vancouver and the 2nd day of my Blissology YTT. Today was long, but super informative and fun. We did handstands, forearm stands, Mayurasana, and a basic Hatha-Vinyasa fusion and meditation this morning. I’m finally feeling more easeful. I came here feeling very nervous. It’s been a long time since I’ve travelled without my husband or daughter so doing this alone was new, but not new. New in the sense that I haven’t travelled alone since I got married….over 5 years ago now….

I’ve been doing things out of my comfort zone since I got here, but today I did something else I didn’t really want to do which was take the bus. I know, so scary!!! 😉 Seriously though. I don’t have anything against public transportation, but it can be kind of intimidating when you are used to driving yourself everywhere. If this was London I would have hopped on the Tube the first night since I’ve used the Tube dozens of times. It’s reliable (mostly) and easy to navigate. I digress, but public transportation…yeah. It’s easy here, up and down Main St. North bound or South bound, kind of hard to mess up. But what I found tonight, just minutes before I sat down to write this was that it gave me a sense of confidence that I didn’t know I’d lost. This morning I was very anxious about riding the bus, but after a full day of YTT I felt confident and at ease. It was a nice feeling. 🙂

Andddddd the good stuff! Pictures!

Fungi Pizza with Onion Jam and Roasted Pinenuts | Day 2 Dinner

photo 1

Blissology Banner! 

photo 4

Eoin showing us the proper alignment in DD!

photo 3

That’s all for tonight. I’m hoping I’ll remember to take more pictures tomorrow.

Namaste Friends <3

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